Brunch Recipes Turkish dressing

Turkish dressed cherry tomatoes. A rather sharp but delicious dressing which when served with slices cucumber or cherry tomatoes provides the perfect balance to all the rich brunch dishes we are suggesting you serve. 1tbsp red wine vinegar  3 finely chopped mint leaves  2 tbsp olive oil  ½ tsp cumin, toasted and coarsely ground  Salt &… Continue reading →

Brunch Recipes Sauce hollandaise

Ingredients 2 tbsp white wine vinegar 1 tsp whole peppercorns 1 Bay leaf 4 Free range eggs (we use Glenballyeamon) 250g clarified butter (see video) 1/2 lemon juiced salt & pepper Method Watch the following video Gently heat the butter and skim off the white solids which float to the top, allow to cool slightly.… Continue reading →

Brunch Recipes Bloody Mary

A classic brunch cocktail, one that will revive you from the night before and at the same time imbibe you for the day ahead! For the non alcoholic version ‘The Virgin’ leave out the Vodka! Ingredients 100ml Ruby Blue Vodka 500ml tomato juice a generous drop of Worcester sauce a few shales of tobacco a… Continue reading →

The secret of our Bourguignon Burger

We are constantly asked for the recipe and of course the main component is starting off with quality beef which we source from Apperlys in Ballymoney. The title is derived from the key components of a traditional Beouf Bourguignon. The simple burger or so its seems. Our Bourguignon Burger is not only great value but… Continue reading →

Himalayan Salt Block Cooking

As promised French Rooms Flavours brings you a three course menu cooked on my ‘new faourite thing’ – a Himalayan Salt plate. Having been gifted this unique cooking ‘gadget’ (that does not do it justice), it does exactly what it promises and in addition provides health benefit. This beautiful pink salt is much more than… Continue reading →