Stella Bolton

Owner Chef of The French Room

s Bushmills, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.

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A successful career in hospitality is often thought to be more of a vocation. Roy & I have been in the industry for many years and have now found ourselves in the fortunate position to have a business together which we love.

The French Rooms is small enough to allow us to dedicate some of our time in our local community and our charities, to travel and explore further fields when we can. Fortunately it is large enough to have a dedicated team we love working with, where we can collectively produce great food, in chic and unique surroundings, offering genuinely friendly service.

2020 was to be an exciting year, we were planning to launch our much anticipated guest suites but Covid19 has scuppered our immediate plans. The upside is that it has given us time to reflect and review. We remain full of enthusiasm, with lots of ideas for ourselves, the French Rooms and collaborations with our ‘DineAroundBushmills’ partners.

This blog has been borne out of the Covid19 lockdown, time well spent we hope. We are journaling what we are doing to stay focused, sharing recipes and tips alongside the very talented Chefs from Tartine at The Distillers Arms and looking at what others are doing to develop their cooking skills during this extraordinary time.

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