Vegan Cheeseboard – A new French Rooms Favourite

The perfect cheeseboard is one that has a selection of different types of cheeses. A good cheese board will also have some fruit, nuts or crackers. At The French Rooms we feature a selection of our personal favourites –

Kearney Blue Cheese

A truly local cheeseKearney Blue was inspired by the beautiful Belfast landscape with its speckled paste evoking images of the stone farm walls of the Ards Peninsula. It is made from milk taken from cows grazing on a select group of farms within five miles of Farmview Dairy. The award-winning Kearney Blue is creamy blue cheese with a rustic texture and a fresh taste.

Cooleeney –

Nestled in the heart of Tipperary’s prime dairy country, Cooleeney Farm is blessed with peaty soil, a perfect climate and clover rich grass, so it’s no wonder our pedigree Friesian herd only produces the best milk for their fine cheeses. This Camembert style cheese is produced with a white mould rind. Pale yellow paste, generally with some chalkiness at the centre, when fully ripened, the paste is soft and smooth. The flavour is creamy and buttery, with discernable white mushroom notes on the finish, pleasant bitterness. We serve Cooleeney as is or whole baked, mouth-wateringly delicious when served with crusty sourdough and chutney.

Boile Goats pearls

From Co. Fermanagh, this melt in the mouth cheese is made into a traditional Irish recipe. Boilíe pearls are hand made and then marinated with herbs and garlic-infused oil that gently flavours the cheese. Ideal for salads, snacks and picnics; the oil makes a perfect dressing for salad or marinade for meat.

French Brie – normally Brie de Meaux

Brie de Meaux French Brie is the real original smelly Brie. A strong, soft cheese full of flavour with a magnificent odour and a soft, creamy interior.  Legend has it that Charlemagne much loved it.  It was named “King of Cheeses” by Tallyrand in 1815.  It has a soft, delicate white rind. The interior of the cheese is straw-yellow, creamy and soft.

French Rooms Fromage Platter

Cheeses can be ordered individually, a full selection can be too much after two or three courses, but many guests choose to share our Fromage Platter, which is made of three of the above, served with sourdough crackers, Distillers pickle sauce, Pate de fruit and grapes.

Vegan Cheeseboard

Eating out for vegans can be challenging, but we, like many restaurants, are working hard to increase the variety of dishes suitable for dairy-free, vegan and guests with allergens. We make a delicious vegan cheese which is served on our new Vegan Platter. It is added to our Vegetalien Tarte Flambe dish and is now available to be enjoyed after your meal as a mini cheese board.

We have been asked many times for the recipe, it is super easy to prepare and as you see from our menu it is versatile.

Vegan? Vegetarian? Flexitarian?

What dishes should we explore for our menu at The French Rooms?

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