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From previous blog posts, you will know that we kept busy during the lockdown. Gin infusions was time well spent, cant be said of all our endeavours, but we now have a wide range of infused gins to offer diners at The French Rooms, Bushmills.

Are you interested in gin infusions? This week at The French Rooms, the dominant aroma is undisputedly Elderflower! Now is the time to look out and about and see what is available to infuse your gin stash.

Elderflowers come from the elder tree (Sambucus nigra) that generally grows as a shrub or small tree.

It’s abundant in hedgerows. From late May, you will see little flowers hanging in sprays which develop late May, forming elderberries later in the summer. Flat-topped clusters of tiny, creamy-white flowers appear in June. To many people, the fragrance is sweet and summery and it attracts masses of insects.

The flowers and berries are the only edible part of the plant. They are mildly toxic and have an unpleasant taste when raw. Cooking destroys the toxic chemicals. Elderflowers are ready around late May to mid-June. They’re best picked when the buds are freshly open on a warm, dry, sunny day, well away from traffic fumes. Please give them a shake to remove any insects and rinse briefly in cold water before using.
The fragrant flowers are most famous for making elderflower champagne, gin and cordial – perfect summer drinks but can be used for summer deserts.

Each week at The French Rooms, we create a selection of Petits Fours, and they are inherently inspired by the season and a touch of the mood on the day! This week we decided to incorporate our Elderflower infused gin. We found the most delicious recipe from one of my favourite recipe books – Paris Pastry Club by the talented Fanny Zanotti. This book is deliciously divine. It is a fascinating story, a celebration of family, tradition and heritage but with recipes with a refreshing contemporary feel.

Before we launch into our recipe inspired by the Paris Pastry Club with the addition of our own French Rooms Elderflower infused Gin we must share our simple infusion recipe.

Elderflower infused Gin



Shake any obvious bugs off the elderflower heads then put them into a large jar or jug. Add the lemon peel, caster sugar and pour over the gin. Cover and leave to infuse for 24hrs.

Strain through coffee filter paper or 2 sheets of kitchen paper into a clean bottle. Keeps for up to 1 month. Serve with tonic water, lots of ice and a dash of sugar syrup if you like.

Ask about our infused Gins on your next visit to The French Rooms Bushmills. Current infusions include Rhubarb, Lemon balm & mint, Moroccan spiced, Elderflower & Rose petal. Reserve now via The French Rooms.

What is your favourite Gin infusion?

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