The French Rooms ‘Taste Team’ embrace vegan chocolate heaven

The French Rooms menu – Summer 2021

As The French Rooms restaurant Bushmills prepares to re-open, we are busy trialing new recipes for our summer menu. This week, we concentrate on desserts and have found this most delicious vegan chocolate & caramel recipe.

Chocolate desserts are an essential component of any restaurant dessert menu, but consideration must be given to allergens. There is such a range of quality alternative ingredients available to make a delicious dessert that can be enjoyed by many of our customers. The rich dark flavour combination of the chocolate and nuts makes it the best vegan chocolate dessert I have ever tasted particularly when you consider the recipe does not include eggs or dairy.

This recipe was inspired by the very talented duo behind the award-winning ‘The Happy Pear’ and a similar recipe in one of my favourite cookbooks, ‘Cornucopia.’ We were desperate to find a recipe that would be really popular, and we have hope this is it although the testing continues.

Chocolate salt caramel bites – Cashew nuts, dates, coconut oil, dates, almond butter, and chocolate.

If you are interested in vegan cooking, there is a range of resources, blogs, and recipe books available online, such as ‘The Happy Pear’ ‘Cornucopia, The Green Cookbook’ or ‘Deliciously Ella.

The above books will enlighten and inspire you to try alternate ingredients if you are not doing so already. In it, you will find loads of recipes like the sweet potato and chickpea stew, pumpkin curry with coconut cream, raw tomato pasta salad, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

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