Craving a Croque Madame?

A popular choice at The French Rooms restaurant in Bushmills. We have been craving this famous French café stalwart this week.
Our version includes slow-cooked ham hock, grated gruyere cheese, which has a rich nutty flavour with excellent melting qualities, and of course, topped creamy béchamel sauce spiked Dijon mustard, a touch of nutmeg. This delicious, substantial toasted sandwich can be enjoyed at brunch and or lunch. The addition of a lightly fried free range egg from our friends at Glenballyeamon makes this dish an excellent choice. The great news is It is one of the dishes you can pre-order this Easter Sunday by clicking this link Order Easter Sunday brunch.

Easter connections

The history of the Croque Monsieur has a couple of versions. One was that it was created in 1910 by Fernand Point, chef-proprietor of La Pyramide restaurant near Lyon, France. It’s said that he invented it whilst working part-time during Lent when meat could not be eaten. He found inspiration from the farmworkers, who would often order ham with their coffee. One day, someone ordered “a grilled cheese,” which led him to create what has become a classic French cafe staple. Meanwhile, around the same time, Two cafés, Le Trou Dans le Mur (The Hole in the Wall) and the Café de la Paix, situated across from each other along the lively Boulevard des Capucines, both claimed to be the first to serve the sandwich. Whichever was indeed the first, it’s a safe bet that the other quickly followed suit as the Croque Monsieur was an immediate hit. By 1919, it was familiar enough to be mentioned in the second volume of Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past.

The key to success is in the name. Croque means ‘crunch’ which is the sound you should hear when you bite into this cheesy toasted delight. Get your order in now for Easter Sunday Brunch and start crunching!

Are you a Monsieur or Madame fan? All answers will be treated confidentially!

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