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Taste bud travels – Namibian nights by the campfire

The weather is improving and whilst The French Rooms restaurant in Bushmillls remains closed, due to Covid 19 restrictions, we are taking the opportunity to spend more time outside.

We are possibly the only people who didn’t invest in a firepit during lockdown #1 but have an improvised version which is not worthy of an Insta post. As we huddled up over cups of tea earlier this week, we were quickly transported to Namibia, where we sat by camp fires under cool, clear & starry skies at night, after a long day on safari. We enjoyed safari staples such as the following Campfire bread sticks, washed down by a well earned ‘sun downer’. Worth a try if you are looking for a recipe the kids will enjoy helping with.

Campfire bread sticks
Sundowers – safari style

A snapshot of our trips to Namibia

We tackled Namibia over two trips and would love to go back. A vast, sparsely populated country with a diverse offering. We spent time along the coast, exploring the magnificent Namib desert, climbing the sand dunes on foot and in dune buggies. We ate incredible fresh seafood in Swakopmund and drove through the huge salt mounds of Walvis Bay. Took a break in and around Windhoek, the capital city, which is a vibrant multicultural hub. We enjoyed live music, local crafts and good food, surrounded by architecture influenced by its German colonial past. We spent a morning at Kolmanskop, a ghost town near Luderitz, which is almost preserved from its early 20th century state apart from the sand.

The deserted mining village – Kolmanskop near Luderitz, Namibia

Inland we drove miles and miles of dirt roads to remote farms and conservation camps without seeing another being (good training for Covid). We stayed in a variety of accommodation but particularly enjoyed staying on the smaller farms, with hard working families, who were kind and hospitable. We joined many game drives with experts and passionate guides that brought us up close and personal with a large number of wildlife from elephant, zebra, rhino to cute meerkats and a friendly looking scorpion. Top ‘pinch me’ moments was flying over Etosha National park at sunrise after a horrendous thunder and lightning display and flying past a giraffes ear. There are so amazing blogs about Namibia which are worth checking out such as

Food was at times mixed for me, as meat, mostly game dominates unless you are by the coast. Remote farms with severe water restrictions struggle to produce enough fruit and vegetables but we survived very well downing Windhoek beer, lay crisps, German cakes (citrus cake inspired The French Rooms Clementine & Almond) and an amazing breakfast soufflé omelette.

To conclude – Visit Namibia if…… love wildlife, driving long distances at slow speed, drinking beer in place of water, can change a tyre in scorching heat without moaning, need a break from fruit and vegetables and agree there is nothing more magical than star gazing under African skies.

In the meantime, drag out your fire pit and post a picture on Instagram to make us jealous! Tag @thefrenchrooms

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