Brexit free brunch

Waking up feeling out of sorts? Understandable with everything going on or more accurately not going on. Here at The French Rooms we have set ourselves some serious goals for lockdown #3 after lounging, eating, drinking and complaining our way through 1 & 2. Brexit has added a new annoyance so this morning we have rustled up a healthy, locally sourced brunch in a concerted effort to embrace our ‘lockdown 3 = new me’ campaign! Ok that campaign title needs more work!

Poached Glenballyeamon free range eggs with Donegal Prime fish smoked salmon and home baked sourdough slices.

Check out our previous brunch recipes for the perfectly poached eggs and sauce hollandaise if you fancy pushing the boat out!

We have simply poached some free range Glenballyeamon eggs and served them on award winning Donegal prime fish thinly sliced smoked salmon with a couple of slices lockdown #2 sourdough – instant feel good factor!

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