A bit on the side?

Main course dishes try to outshine side options but with minimal effort you can create a side dish which takes over and can be enjoyed solo! This week we share the recipe for a side dish featured on the menu in French Rooms when the season calls for it.

Cape Malay Cauliflower with Greek Yoghurt

Bo Kaap, Cape Town.

This popular dish is inspired by the Cape Malay flavours of the Western Cape of South Africa in and around the Bo Kaap.This region of the city is home to a culturally rich community who arrived to the Cape by unpalatable means – as slaves and prisoners from Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia & other occupied lands of Dutch East Indies during the 1800’s. The rich and diverse culture which strongly exists in this region has become a major tourist attraction. Top restaurants in South Africa feature dishes inspired by Cape Malay Cooking and if you get to visit, pop into Atlas Trading Company in the heart of the Bo Kaap, a fascinatingly aromatic shop selling spices from all over the world.

Next Blog we share the full recipe of our focaccia bread as featured in the recent Virtual Bushmills Banquet.

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