To start

A choice of a classic Bloody Mary, Bucks Fizz or orange juice.

A choice of the following :

The French Rooms granola, with assorted fruits, yoghurt & honey.

Eggs forestiere – home baked brioche topped with for cap mushrooms, poached eggs and delicious sauce hollandaise.

French toasted brioche, served with graters cheese, crispy streaky bacon and a fried egg. (Drizzled with honey if you have it).

Brioche bacon butty – our house baked brioche bap filled with crispy streaky bacon & served with tomato ketchup.

Served with : We have chosen The French Rooms very popular French press coffee to serve and have a separate post on this.


Delegation of tasks – This needs to be an ‘all hands on deck’ activity and can be great fun if organised and thought through in advance.

Involve everyone – Enlist the youngsters to make the table decorations, copy of the menus, place cards etc. Check out this You Tube video for inspiration.

Finishing touches – Allocate someone to set up the table (see separate post).

Easter brunch table settings

During this Covid19 lockdown we are taking the opportunity while we stay at home and stay safe to make that special effort this Easter. We can’t pop out to our favourite cafe or restaurant so let’s do what we can to create a special dining experience in our homes, particularly if we have a front… Continue reading →

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